Wolfenstein - Machines of War


Wolfenstein goes to Spain


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Wolfenstein - Machines of War is a first-person action game that acts as a sequel to the Id Software classic Wolfenstein 3D. This time around, you find yourself in the Spanish countryside, where an extremist group of Nazis with mysterious plans have set up shop.

History aside, Wolfenstein - Machines of War plays more or less the same as the original game: you need to explore three-dimensional areas, killing everyone in your path with the different weapons that you'll find along the way. At first, you only have a knife and a pistol, but it's not long before you can pick up machine guns.

The first mission in Wolfenstein - Machines of War takes place outside of the Nazi base, but soon enough you will enter inside, where you'll discover the hidden secrets of this extremist group. Yes, the Nazis are extreme. Imagine that.

Wolfenstein - Machines of War is a first-person shooter with classic style. Now you can enjoy a new story with the same gameplay you know and love.
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